The FHI Coral Farm
"The Tank Raised Alternative"
With the increasing demand and environmental impact of the wild coral trade, Fish Heads, Inc. financed and built a test model in the spring of 2006. This allowed FHI to research and test the viability of a commercial closed system for coral farming.
2010 is the fourth year of this venture and we have expanded into three buildings and have over 10,000 production corals at any one time. We currently work with over 55 species of hard and soft corals.
We are actively acquiring specific genetics that fit within a criteria suitable for commercial applications. It is from these superior and ideal genetics that our product line is derived and ultimately sold to retail stores world wide.
Currently the FHI brand of tank raised corals can be found at local pet stores and online retailers world wide. To certify it is a genuine FHI Coral, just flip the coral over and look for our trademark coin embedded in it's artificial base!

The Fish Heads Corporation
FHI Farm Division
  Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana, Ca. 92704 U.S.A